1. NAME

          The Club is known as the Swanmore Bowling Club. It is situated at Swanmore Gardens, Swanmore Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH7 6PD.


  2. The Club is a private members’ club.
  3. There are two classes of membership, “full” and “social”. A social member is only able to enjoy the Club’s social activities.
  4. Only full members may vote in elections and be elected officers.
  5. The Club is a non-profit-making organisation. Surplus income and profits shall be used to maintain or improve the Club’s facilities and for the benefit of the members.
  6. Upon the winding up or dissolution of the Club, any surplus Club Funds shall be distributed equally between such full members of the Club who have been members for a period of not less than twelve months, excepting that if a majority of the said full Club members so vote, part or all of the said surplus Club Funds may be paid to one or more other non-profit-making bodies of the members’ choice. For the avoidance of doubt, “surplus Club Funds” means available funds after making provision for all debts and winding-up expenses.


  2. The affairs of the Club shall be conducted by a Management Committee consisting of the President, Club Secretary, Men’s Bowls Secretary, Ladies’ Bowls Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary, Men’s Captain and Ladies’ Captain, plus two lady members and two gentleman members.
  3. Five members shall form a quorum.
  4. The Club Secretary shall be chairperson at Management Committee meetings. If the Club Secretary is absent, the Committee shall elect a chairperson for the meeting. In the case of equal votes, the chairperson shall be entitled to exercise an additional casting vote.
  5. All members of the Management Committee and all other officers of the Club shall be elected by ballot at the Annual General Meeting. All elected members of the Management Committee and other elected officers are elected for a period of one year, but may be nominated and re-elected to the same office or another office the following year.
  6. When a ballot is held to choose Club Captains and/or Selection Committee Members, only Ladies may take part in the vote for the Ladies’ and only Gentlemen may take part in the vote for the Men’s Captain and Men’s ‘A’ Team captain. All other ballots shall be open to all full members.
  7. The Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt a member to fill any vacancy that may arise within the club.
  8. There shall be a minimum of two meetings a year of the full Management Committee, one to be held at, or close to, the beginning of the bowling season and a second prior to the AGM. Other meetings shall be called as necessary to deal with particular activities or issues.
  9. The minutes of all Management Committee meetings shall be distributed to all members of the Management Committee and shall be filed in the Club’s Green Book to which all Club members shall have access during the playing season. The Green Book shall at all times be kept behind the bar counter.


  2. The Men’s Selection Committee shall comprise the Men’s Captain, ‘A’ Team Captain and two further members (one chosen by each Captain).
  3. The Ladies’ Selection Committee shall comprise: the Lady Captain, the Lady Vice-Captain plus each Team Manager.
  4. In the case of equal votes, the Captain shall be entitled to exercise a casting vote.
  5. The Selection Committees shall select players to represent the Club in all matches and competitions, with the exception of “friendly” match players who shall be selected by the appropriate Club captain(s).
  6. Three members shall form a quorum.


  2. Only full members may stand for and hold office.
  3. No member with less than one year’s full membership shall be eligible for nomination to any committee.
  4. A sheet for nomination to all offices and those of delegates to the Hampshire County and Bournemouth and District Association meetings shall be displayed on the Club notice boards for the final four weeks of the bowling season.
  5. Signatures of nominees confirming their willingness to take office must be on the sheet not later than one week from the end of the season.
  6. Proposers and seconders must be full members of the Club at the date of their signature on the nomination sheet.


  2. There shall be two General Meetings a year chaired by the Club Secretary.
  3. A meeting shall be held in November each year, which shall be designated the ‘Annual General Meeting’ (AGM). At this meeting the regular agenda items shall be:
  4. The names of members attending to be recorded.
  5. Apologies to be noted.
  • Any necessary elections for office to take place.
  1. Proxy votes, for management committee members only, must be signed and reach the Club Secretary no later than two days before the vote is taken.
  2. A review of the previous season by the President, the Club Secretary and the Treasurer.
  3. Reports to be given by team captains, competition secretaries and activity organisers.
  • Installation of the new President.
  • The Club Secretary will announce the result of the ballots and, in addition, shall read out a full list of all officers serving in the coming season on the Management Committee, the Selection Committees and any other offices, including those of delegates to the Hampshire County and Bournemouth & District Association meetings.
  1. The level of the annual Club subscriptions for the following season will be announced and, if a change is proposed, the members will be asked to vote on the proposal. (This does not refer to the green fee season ticket which will be notified prior to the Spring Meeting.).
  2. Review of Appendix 2 – Child and vulnerable person protection policy.
  3. Any other business.
  4. A meeting shall be held in March or April each year, which shall be designated the ‘Spring Meeting’.

At this meeting the regular agenda items shall be:

  1. The names of members attending to be recorded.
  2. Apologies to be noted.
  • Collection of Club subscriptions and green fee season ticket.
  1. Reports from the President, Club Secretary, Treasurer, Ladies’ Captain, Men’s Captain and Match Secretary.
  2. Any other business.
  3. At least twenty-one day’s notice of general meetings shall be given to each member, including social members.
  4. Notices of motions must be in the hands of the Club Secretary at least seven days before a general meeting.
  5. Twenty full members shall form a quorum.
  6. Social members may attend and speak at these meetings but are not permitted to vote.


  2. The Management Committee may call these at any time or they may be called by a request to the Club Secretary signed by at least twelve full members and stating the reason.
  3. At least twenty-one day’s notice of such a meeting shall be given to each member, including social members. This notice period may be shortened if the Management Committee deems that the matter to be discussed is urgent.
  4. Twenty full members shall form a quorum.


  2. In the event of any alteration or addition being deemed necessary, a notice of such alteration or addition must be handed to the Club Secretary in accordance with paragraph 6(e), i.e. at least seven days before a General Meeting or, in the case of an Extra-ordinary Meeting, immediately upon receipt of notice of the meeting.
  3. Alterations or additions to these rules shall be made only at a General or Extra-ordinary Meeting of the Club and only if passed by a majority of the full Club members present.



      Copies of the current Club Rules and Constitution shall be made available to Club Members as follows:

  1. In the Green Book behind the bar counter.
  2. By display on a notice board in the main room of the Pavilion.
  3. By display on a notice board in the Men’s locker room.
  4. By display on a notice board in the Ladies’ locker room.
  5. If any member requires a personal copy, one can be obtained from the Club Secretary upon request.



          A full list shall be provided in the Green Book behind the bar counter.



At a General meeting, the Management Committee may recommend a member whose service to the Club has been such as to merit this distinction.



If the conduct of a member is called into question or the Management Committee receives a written complaint regarding a  member of the club  the Management Committee will follow Bowls England Regulation 9 (Disciplinary), and in particular Section 3 (Club Level), as far as practicable. [For Chairman read Club Secretary and for Disciplinary Committee read Management Committee or subsection thereof.]


  2. Such candidates shall be proposed and seconded only by full members of the Club and shall complete an application form which must be submitted to the Club Secretary.
  3. The name of each applicant shall be displayed on the main general notice board for fourteen days and any member who objects to an application shall advise the Club Secretary in writing within the fourteen-day period.
  4. In the event of an objection to an application being received, the application shall be considered by the Management Committee who may, if they wish, request an interview with the applicant prior to acceptance or rejection of the application.
  5. If no objections are received to an application within the fourteen-day time limit the applicant shall be offered club membership.



          Non-players may be admitted to the Club as “social” members with the agreement of the Management Committee and upon payment of a subscription, the amount of which shall be fixed at the AGM. (See paragraph 2 for details of the restrictions on the rights of this class of membership.).



          The annual subscriptions for both classes of membership shall be fixed at the AGM. Payment should if possible be made at the Spring Meeting but, if not, no later than the 1st April. A subscription must be paid before a full member is eligible to play for the Club and before either class of member is eligible to take part in Club social activities. A member who resigns after the beginning of a new season cannot claim or expect to receive any refund of either membership or green fees already paid.


  2. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the management of club finances and accountable to the Management Committee.
  3. Cheques shall be signed by two of three authorised officers of the Club, i.e., Treasurer, Club Secretary and a further member of the Management Committee nominated by the Committee.


  1. AUDIT

The accounts of the Club shall be examined annually by two full members of the Club appointed at the AGM. Such members shall not be members of the Management Committee.



          These should be made in writing to the Club Secretary who shall acknowledge receipt within seven days and place them before the Management Committee.  However, if the suggestion or complaint refers to either of the Selection Committees or to the playing of bowls in general, it shall be given in the first instance to the Men’s Captain or Ladies’ Captain as appropriate.



          Members must comply with the Bournemouth Borough Council regulations as to the use of the green.



          The playing rules of the Club shall be those laid down by Bowls England or their successors.



          No notice or communication of any kind shall be fixed to the Club notice boards unless approved by an official of the Club.





The Management Committee will ensure that the Club has adequate insurance.





The Club accepts its legal and moral obligation to exercise its duty of care and to protect all children and vulnerable adults participating in its activities and to safeguard their welfare.

The Club is committed to do this by acknowledging that:

  1. The welfare of the individual is paramount.
  2. Each individual irrespective of age, gender, religion, race or disability has the right to protection from abuse.
  3. Each individual has the right to be safe and to be treated with respect and dignity.


          The Club shall use its best endeavours to ensure that:

  1. All allegations of abuse are taken seriously
  2. The response to them is swift and appropriate
  3. The effectiveness of the Club’s policy is reviewed annually



APPENDIX 3                                                   CLUB RULES – INTERNAL COMPETITIONS


  1. All matters pertaining to internal Club competitions shall be in the hands of the Competition Secretaries.


  1. The Competition Secretaries shall decide any points not covered by the rules of Bowls England (or their successors), or by these rules. However, if they wish, the Competition Secretaries can report problems to the Management Committee and ask for a ruling.


  1. National, County and Bournemouth and District competitions, as well as “friendlies”, league matches and league match practice, shall take precedence over regularly planned games such as Spoons and Fun Triples, which in turn take precedence over internal Club competitions.


  1. Regularly planned games such as Spoons and Fun Triples must leave a minimum of one rink free for Club Competitions or public use.


  1. The first named player, or players, shall be the challenger(s) and shall, in the case of the initial round, offer two dates so as to ensure that the match will be played on or before the closing date.


  1. In subsequent rounds, the challenger(s) shall, within seven days of the completion of the previous round, offer his/her/their opponent(s) two dates for the next round.


  1. If the challenger(s) fail(s) to do this, then his/her/their opponent(s) will automatically become the challenger(s) and will offer one date only to the opponent(s). If this date is not accepted within the following seven days then the original challenger(s) shall forfeit the game.


  1. Due consideration shall be given to working members when offering playing dates. The time for commencing a match shall be mutually agreed but no player/team shall be compelled to accept a time earlier than 6pm Monday to Friday or 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays, nor later than 6.30pm on any day. In the event of disagreement, the decision of the appropriate Competition Secretary shall be final.


  1. The challenger(s), having agreed an acceptable date, shall then book a rink with the Site Management and, if involved in a singles match, arrange a marker.


  1. If a player or players fail(s) to appear or arrives more than thirty minutes after the agreed time or cancels a match without offering an alternative acceptable playing date, their opponent(s) may submit a signed scorecard claiming a walkover.


  1. In any pairs, triples or fours competition, the players taking part in the First Game shall constitute the ORIGINAL TEAM. Substitutes shall be allowed in subsequent games under the following conditions:
  2. That he/she has not already taken part in the competition.
  3. After two consecutive games he/she must replace the original player.
  • He/she cannot skip.
  1. The appropriate Competition Secretary(ies) shall be advised of any changes to the ‘original team’, if possible, before the game containing the substitute is played.


  1. The finals of the club competitions shall take place on a consecutive Saturday, Sunday and Monday on dates to be determined by the Management Committee and published in the Club Handbook. Sunday shall be the main finals day, Monday the second finals day and Saturday shall only be used if necessary. All finals must be played on a finals day, weather permitting.                        

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